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Exeter University Judo Society - like all other societies - have a devout committee to ensure the society runs smoothly for its members. Whether that be booking training sessions, organising socials, or just simply listening to changes that you think might be beneficial to the society and then relaying that message.

The committee is voted in by the members of the society at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the end of each year. Anyone is welcome to run for a committee position - regardless of year of study, course, Judo knowledge etc.

The committee for the 2019/20 academic year are as follows:

Joshua Macholl

Committee Position: President

University Course: Maths with Physics

Judo Grade: 1st Dan - Black Belt

Hometown: Guildford

About: Josh is the figurehead of the society. As president, he sees to all the administrative side alongside our treasurer and vice president. He also coaches sessions from time to time and captains the men's team in any competitions.

David Morgan

Committee Position: Head Coach

University Course: Physics

Judo Grade: 1st Dan - Black Belt

Hometown: Newport

About: David has trained in Judo since the young age of six years old. He will be taking charge of the majority of sessions, though the other coaches will have a session here and there too! David is a UKCC level two coach - so you're in good hands.

Jordan Moore

Committee Position: Vice President

University Course: Maths PhD

Judo Grade: 1st Dan - Black Belt

Hometown: Amersham

About: Jordan's role is to support the president in the administrative side of the society and to take some of the load off. He also works with other societies/martial arts to organise inter-discipline events. Jordan is also a UKCC level two coach and has trained in Judo for more than 20 years.

Carys Boxer

Committee Position: Women's Captain

University Course: Business

Judo Grade: 1st Kyu - Brown Belt

Hometown: Port Talbot

About: Carys is responsible for captaining the women's team in competitions and is overall the representation of the female-voice on the committee. Carys is a BJA level one coach and has run women-only sessions with us in aid of getting more females into Judo.

Jack Briggs

Committee Position: Treasurer

University Course: Engineering

Judo Grade: 2nd Kyu - Blue Belt

Hometown: Taunton

About: Jack runs the finances for the society. He's the one who takes attendances and matt fees, as well as booking our weekly training sessions - the society wouldn't run without Jack!

Arran Clark

Committee Position: Social Secretary

University Course: Economics

Judo Grade: 5th Kyu - Yellow Belt

Hometown: Kennington

About: Arran is responsible for organising our socials - a way for everyone to interact with each-other whilst not on the Judo mat. Our socials provide the society with a sense of family and community, and we have Arran to thank for that.

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